YLab Design.

How we work.

YLab design works with organisations and institutions on challenges that focus on social  change issues that involve or impact young people both today and in the future. Our project teams are designed and connect passionate and skilled young people with organisations who work with complex, real world challenges.

We work with organisations to help them:

  • Access an evidence based approach for meaningfully engaging young people in community decision-making, public policy, strategy or business sector challenges.
  • Access youth perspectives, insights and skills.
  • Access digital tools that support youth engagement (i.e. platform, content, tools)
  • Access experienced facilitators that specialise in engaging young people.

We work with young people:

  • To provide them with the professional skills and support they need to effectively work with organisations that shape the world.
  • To allow young people to influence issues that relate directly to them, as they are experts in their own lives.
  • To put their time and talent at the centre of collaborations with government, business and community organisations to rethink future systems.

Become a YLab Associate.

We’re looking for young people who want to develop their professional skills and take up real world opportunities to engage with government and industry to rethink the systems that shape the future. If this sounds like you, have a read about the YLab Associate Experience and how you can apply.

Our Work

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