Vivid 2016: The city we want

Co-creating Resilient Cities with Young Innovators

With over 80% of Australians living in cities, urban resilience is a massive challenge. Today’s under-35s (Gen Y and Z), are disproportionately disadvantaged by rapid urban growth – from housing affordability to poor transport connectivity, or social isolation. Young people are also among the demographics most likely to be left out of the decision-making.

As part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival 2016, YLab and Resilient Sydney ran full day event that put young people at the centre of city-making. Titled “The City We Want”, this event brought together young innovators and experts to tackle design challenges related to disaster preparedness, social cohesion and cultural diversity, and inclusive urban planning.

Vivid 03

Designing with Young People.

Our day was kickstarted with an illuminating panel discussion that explored different expert views on how young people might design for a better 21st century, and the challenges they face. (And if you don’t believe us, you can listen to it below!).

Our line up of amazing speakers included:

The day’s workshop sessions allowed participants to choose from three big bold design challenges to explore and prototype solutions for:

  1. How might we tap into our community’s experiences with disaster to ensure we are better prepared for disruption?
  2. How might we increase cohesion between cultural groups across Sydney to embrace our city’s diversity?
  3. How might we involve young people in decision-making to ensure city planning puts people first?

Vivid 06

Check back soon as we’ll be adding more stories and outcomes from this event shortly!