Democracy for Millenials

Facilitating youth engagement with the Parliament of Victoria

YLab and the Parliament of Victoria are collaborating with young people across Victoria to design options for a more contemporary and inclusive approach to how the Parliament engages with young people, aiming to make parliamentary processes more accessible.

Young people are becoming increasingly detached from political processes, with research showing falling electoral enrolment rates and decreasing trust in our democratic system of government amongst young Australians. However young people are not politically disinterested; they are more likely to participate in online petitions or visit political websites and are particularly active in issue-based politics.

VP - Swan Hill

YLab designed and delivered ‘Democracy for Millennials’ workshops bringing together Members of Parliament, senior Parliamentary staff, and local young people to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn from each other and co-design ways to make it easier for young people to engage Parliament and vice versa. Workshops were held in Frankston, Melbourne, Bairnsdale, Swan Hill, and Wodonga.

“The parliamentarians [left] with a better understanding of youth issues and youth perceptions of Parliament and the young participants [left] with a better understanding of our democracy and a number of them planning to enrol to vote.”

Peter Crisp MP (workshop attendee)
via  in the Legislative Assembly (Hansard, 25 May 2016)

VP - Frankston

The next step in the project will bring all workshop attendees together in Parliament House to further refine their recommendations and design a potential engagement program or process changes.