What is YLab?

About YLab.

At YLab we involve young people in decision-making; not just on “youth issues”, but on all the economic, social and environmental challenges we face. We bring the fresh perspectives of young people, different ways of being in the world, networks, and familiarity with technology, to co-design new systems and practices. We work across the spectrum of politics, volunteering, consumerism, education, business, community resilience, service provision, market innovation, and economic development.

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The need for YLab.

Young people need a new way to engage with the world.

There are more young people on the planet than ever before. They have new ideas for business and technology. They are ambitious and globally connected. They are ready to drive social change.

Young people will need to tackle problems that matter, like climate change and growing inequality. They will live them. And they will need to fix them.

Automisation, globalisation and collaboration are disrupting the way young people work and live. 70% are studying for jobs that will not exist in 10 years time. They need a new, enterprising skillset for the New Work Order.

The world needs a new way to engage with young people.

The world needs a fresh approach to youth engagement: Young people are not fully engaged in the institutions and systems around them. Institutions need new literacies to remain relevant to young people.

The world needs a new inter-disciplinary ‘Youth Futures’ profession to unleash young people. Building on disciplines such as youth work and teaching, this profession will have the skills to prepare young people for a future that is going to look very different.